Where can I get equipment from?

We have sourced some high-quality martial arts gear that we make available to our members, including full leather gloves and shinpads.

You can call , email or contact us on our social media pages – let us know when you would like to attend and we can book you in.

Yes. Please pay before session begins. We accept credit card, eftpos or cash.

No. If you are not comfortable sparring, you don’t have to.

If your goal is to be a fighter, and you are willing to put in the time and effort, we will make enquiries to set up a fight for you.

16oz boxing gloves are required if you want to spar or do partner training. 10oz-12oz are recommended for bag work and pad work – we have quality leather gloves for sale in the gym and we can order if required.

If you want to spar you will need a mouthguard, 16oz gloves and shin pads.

Sessions are conducted in bare feet, but you need running shoes for cardio work. You can wear whatever you want and must bring your own towel.

Yes we sell a variety of equipment and we will endeavour to order it in if your after a particular item.

Yes all trainers and attendees are female.

Please contact us and we will register you to come in and give one of our classes a go.